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Revitol Spot Gel


    • Anti-bacterial
    • Helps to rapidly reduces spots and blemishes
    • Soothes and heals the skin
    • Rapidly clears breakouts; maximum strength
    • Penetrates inside pores to unblock trapped dirt and oil
    • Oil-free; won't clog pores
    • Please read all label information on delivery


Ideal for treating acne spots directly. Provides the powerful benefits and ingredients of the Revitol Acne Treatment Solution in a clear gel form. This Fast-acting invisible gel quickly clears breakouts with a maximum strength treatment that rapidly clears breakouts. This clear gel works quickly by penetrating deep inside the pore to unblock trapped dirt and oil. Goes on clear. Oil-free. Maximum strength. Non-comedogenic. Dermatologist tested.

Revitol Acne Spot Gel helps with:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Helps to rapidly reduces spots and blemishes
  • Soothes and heals the skin
  • Rapidly clears breakouts; maximum strength
  • Penetrates inside pores to unblock trapped dirt and oil
  • Oil-free; won't clog pores
  • Please read all label information on delivery

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Different Treatments I Have Tried for My Thyroid Nodule - Yahoo...
(natural shrinkage of thyroid nodule)

18 Jun 2010... My Herbal Treatment for Thyroid Nodule... My nodule did not shrink as much as she would have liked and my levels were still off. I had to...

the magical of plants: Mengkudu (Morinda citrifolia L.)
(noni juice and thyroid nodules)

9 May 2011... Cancer Research 83rd in San Diego, California, 1992 is "Anti-tumor... During the 7 days taking Noni juice, swelling in the stomach is reduced significantly... renal function, bladder stones, disturbances in thyroid hormone. 9.

Thyroid disease treatment with supplements, diet, vitamins, herbs...
(herbal treatment for thyroid nodules)

Thyroid gland health, vitamins, herbs, natural treatment, supplements, treatment of hypothyroidism and... Hyperthyroidism can also result from thyroid nodules.

(what are thyroid nod gels)

What are thyroid nod gels

What is Stage 111 cancer...should I b worried.. - Godlike Productions
(essiac dissolve thyroid cyst)

Dr. Bruce Fife Virgin Coconut Oil VS Cancer and Thyroid [link to com] How To Make Baking... 13) Essiac is fine too. Good stuff... Magnesium ( 500mg/day) Also topical Magnesium Oil will dissolve breast cysts.

Thyroid Nodules by Dasa Suciu | Living Healthy 360
(getting rid of thyroid nodules naturally)

10 Jun 2009... A thyroid nodule is an abnormal growth in the thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland that wraps around the windpipe (trachea). It is generally defined...

Full text of "A dictionary of medical science..."
(thick dence thyroid gland)

&ER& United States Environmental Protection Agency Monitored Natural Attenuation of Inorganic Contaminants in Ground Water Volume 2 ...

When to biopsy: A taller-than-wide nodule lacking worrisome - Healio
(1.4 thyroid result)

A 67-year-old female was sent for an asymptomatic 1-cm thyroid nodule found during an MRI for neck pain... After 18 months, the nodule grew in largest dimension to 1.4 cm and developed micro-calcifications. The nodule... VoteView Results.

Home Remedies & Natural Diet For Thyroid Nodules - Yoga
(+natural remedy for hyperthyroid goiter)

11 Sep 2009... Home Blogs Diet & Remedies For Proper Functioning of The Thyroid... Depending on the type of thyroid nodule you have, your treatment...

Hypothyroidism and Endometrial Ablation - Treato
(thyroid and uterine lining)

What Is It? Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, also called anovulatory bleeding, is any bleeding from the vagina that varies from a woman's normal menstrual cycle.

Herbs for Potential Adjunct Treatment of THYROID DISEASE...
(herbal medications for thyroid nodules)

There are no herbs indicated in the Western tradition for resolving thyroid nodules per se, and herbs to treat thyroid cancer are not distinct from other herbs used...

Hyperparathyroidism symptoms, diagnosis & treatment - Surgery Door
(parathyroid and acne)

... and treatment of hyperparathyroidism, written by UK doctors and medical experts... Achondroplasia · Acne · Acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma)...

Positive Results in ASAP study to Reduce Thyroid Antibodies...
(reducing thyroid antibodies 2013)

19 Jan 2013... Positive Results in ASAP study to Reduce Thyroid Antibodies. Started by StormFinch, Jan 19 2013 11:13 PM. Please log in to reply. 11 replies...

(18 weeks pregnant with thyroid nodulges)

18 weeks pregnant with thyroid nodulges

(what tea to use to shrink thyroid)

What tea to use to shrink thyroid

Macular Degeneration Treatment, Symptoms, Prevention, Surgery...
(degenerative in thyroid)

There are two type of age-related macular degeneration: wet and dry. Blurred vision is a... Causes of cataracts include diabetes, hypothyroidism. Blindness.

lumbar region - definition of lumbar region by Medical...
(thyroid cold nodule upper pole on left)

A foliage green trench coat. Trench coats Edit. It's been argued as to whether or not a trench coat provides suitable zombie protection. Supporters point to the fact...

Thyroid Ultrasound Evaluation - : a new image...
(heterogeneous thyroid nodules definition)

The features of thyroid nodules can be summarized as the following:... may also appear as a nodule within a cys - ill-defined - partial halo 15-30% - multiple chaotic... high rate (>50%) of intratumoral calcification, necrosis and heterogeneity

Over-the-counter decongestant nasal sprays work, but be...
(over the counter desiccated thyroid)

Thyroid hormones (T 4 and T 3) are produced by the follicular cells of the thyroid gland and are regulated by TSH made by the thyrotropes of the anterior pituitary gland.

The Liver - Well Women, thyroid and menopause solutions...
(blood flow in nodules on thyroid)

This page tells you about the blood and circulation and how cancer may affect them. There is information about

Armour Thyroid vs Nature Thyroid - Thyroid Disorders Message...
(armour thyroid reviews 2013)

5 Oct 2013... Join Date: Oct 2013. Location: La Mesa... Talked with my Dr and he called in Armour Thyroid. Basically from researching, they are supposed to have the same ingredients, but I read conflicting reviews on each. They were very...

Iodine: The Anti-cancer Agent - Shop
(vitamins to shrink nodulars in thyroid)

Can Cause Tumors to Shrink and Die... He's found similar results with nodules and cysts in the thyroid, ovaries, and uterus after instituting... recommended that she take 2 mg/day of iodine in addition to a regimen of vitamins and minerals.

CDC Radiation Emergencies | Facts About Potassium Iodide (KI)
(not fully absorbing thyroid medicine)

Introduction. An underactive thyroid, also called hypothyroidism, means your thyroid gland does not produce enough chemicals called hormones. Common signs of an...

Thyroid Ultrasound Basic - American Thyroid Association
(thyroid hyperechoic m sonography)

Page 1 Ultrasound of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Indications for Thyroid US enlarged gland palpable nodule history childhood XRT or other

Thyroid Cancer - Patient Education - Desert West Surgery - Las...
(thyroid specialist in las vegas nevada)

If you have a lump in your neck that could be thyroid cancer, your doctor may do a biopsy of your thyroid gland to... Las Vegas, Nevada [ multiple locations ]

Burning feet and Leg weakness - Symptom Checker - check medical...
(thigh pain weakness with hyperthyroidism)

List of 187 causes for Burning feet and Leg weakness, alternative diagnoses, rare causes, misdiagnoses... Claudication pain 3... Autoimmune thyroid diseases

Thyroid Ultrasound Evaluation - : a new image...
(heterogeneous thyroid is cancerous)

can have cystic component in thyroid cancer: usually <50% of the nodule, solid mural... high rate (>50%) of intratumoral calcification, necrosis and heterogeneity

Goiter and Thyroid Nodule relief the natural way
(how to dissolve a thyroid cyst dissolve)

Sometimes ultrasound is used to guide the needle into the nodule. ... Thyroid surgery is an operation to remove part or all of the thyroid gland.

Cranberry juice and thyroid - Revitol Skin Care - Mar 26, 2015
(cranberry juice and thyroid goiter)

Can Natural Thyroid Treatment Methods Cure Goiter? Many people with both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism have a condition called goiter, which is an enlargement of ...

I Am Only 28 Years Old... : I Have Thyroid Cancer Story & Experience
(thyroid heterogeneous in echotexture)

Findings: Sonographic evaluation reveals the right thyroid gland to be enlarged measuring 9 x 3.6 x 4.6 cm. It has a somewhat heterogeneous echo texture.

Ovarian cysts Facts, information, pictures |
(herbs that will help remove thyroid cysts)

The cysts can, however, become a medical problem if they remain in the... Including a dietary source of iodine such as seaweed for thyroid support... Herbs that promote hormonal balance, steady blood sugar levels, and... Doctors advise surgical removal for cysts that are larger than 4 in (10 cm) and for complex cysts.

The Healing Power of Potassium Iodide (SSKI) - Ola Loa
(herbal teas to dissolve a thyroid nodule)

19 Apr 2011... The thyroid hormone, thyroxine, requires four atoms of iodine in order to... The combination of caustic tissue damage, virus re-growth and secondary... Thus open wounds dissolve under the influence of iodide and contact... Nowadays iodide therapy of cancer is practiced only in alternative cancer clinics...

our posts on The two knives - True Justice For Meredith Kercher
(thyroid talk seattle november 26 2013)

27 Jan 2014... This is our poster Machiavelli, tweeting from the Florence courtroom on November 26, 2013:... Crini: Talks about Bongiorno's criticism to staged burglary scenario - the scenario of... The coexistent bleeding from the also-transected Right Superior Thyroid Artery accelerated... Good morning Seattle!

Ultrasound of Thyroid Parathyroid Glands and Neck Lymph Nodes
(thyroid nodules with blood flow)

Fatigue, depression, anxiety, and changes in weight are just a few common thyroid symptoms.

Connective tissue disease cascade test - Pathology Associates | CLTM
(thyroid cascading reflex)

Connective tissue disease cascade test... Hepatitis c antibody screen with reflex to hcv rna by pcr... Thyroid stimulating hormone cascade (see tsh cascade).

Homeopathic Reduction of Thyroid Cysts and Thyroid Enlargements
(thyroid nodul herbal)

However, it is unfortunate that many times, thyroid nodules and thyroid... Herbal remedy to relieve symptoms of hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), including...

hypoechoic thyroid nodule - Thyroid Disorders - MedHelp
(hyperechoic thyroid nodule cancer)

An Ultrasonogram Reporting System for Thyroid Nodules Stratifying Cancer Risk for Clinical Management Eleonora Horvath, Sergio Majlis, Ricardo Rossi, Carmen Franco ...

Introduction to Endocrinology - Google Books Result
(increased blood flow to thyroid)

Increased requirement for vitamins Since thyroid hormone increases the... 8.7.5 Effect on Cardiovascular System Increased blood flow and cardiac output...

2013 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code 242.4 : Thyrotoxicosis from ectopic...
(nonspecific thyroid nodule)

Non-specific code 2013 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code 242.4. Thyrotoxicosis from ectopic thyroid nodule. There are 2 ICD-9-CM codes below 242.4 that define this...

Hypothyroidism - American Thyroid Association | ATA
(metoprolol and thyroid hormone)

Hyperthyroidism is overactivity of the thyroid gland that leads to high levels of thyroid hormones and speeding up of vital body functions.

Dermographism Urticaria
(dermographism and thyroid)

The term dermographism (or dermatographism) literally means writing on the skin. Firm stroking of the skin produces an initial red line (capillary dilatation)...

Thyroid Nodules - Womens Health Advice
(thyroid nodule with blood flow)

Sometimes small bits of calcium and increased blood flow to a nodule are discovered, these abnormalities can indicate cancer (but not usually). While scans are...

(why is the thyroid gland considered to be)

Why is the thyroid gland considered to be

Thyroid and Adrenal Malfunction - Healing Naturally by Bee
(does low thyroid cause acne)

Thyroid and adrenal malfunction are the main causes of low metabolic energy in the body, which in turn can be caused by candida overgrowth. This is because... Skin - Dry. Acne. Pallor in light skin, darkening or dark patches in dark skin.

Dr. John Lowe on Thyroid Disease - Fibromyalgia Treatment - Mercola
(pulsing pain on my thyroid)

26 Feb 2011... One such patient became pain-free once she started taking thyroid hormone. That's... I said the same thing they had said, but my experience was based on... The pulse rate in most of these patients is too low for their levels of...

Mayo Clinic Medical Edge: There are numerous treatment options...
(thyroid nodules and heart palpitations)

23 May 2012... Toxic thyroid nodules are lumps in the thyroid that make too much thyroid... heart palpitations, increased appetite, rapid weight loss, increased...

The truth about thyroid problems - News - Jamaica Gleaner...
(increased blood flow to thyroid gland)

28 May 2013... The thyroid gland is an important butterfly-shaped organ located at the... as they stimulate, massage and increase the blood flow to the thyroid.

Anti-thyroid autoantibodies - Wikipedia
(how to treat thyroid antibodies and low tsh)

to confirm the clinical diagnosis of thyroid disease; ... in association with a low or suppressed TSH, ... Low levels of antibodies are sometimes found in older, ...

(what food is good for thyroid nodules)

What food is good for thyroid nodules

Thyroid testing: When to worry (not often) and when to ...
(low tsh but high thyroid peroxidase level)

to confirm the clinical diagnosis of thyroid disease; ... doctors have identified patients who have an isolated low or high TSH in ... Low levels of antibodies are ...

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